Prof. Byong-Hun Jeon Sheds New Light on Biotransformations in Bioremediation

한국청정기술학회 2023년도 춘계 총회 및 학술대회
Innovative Renewable Energy Research by Professor Jeon is Recognized Globally as he is named among the Highly Cited Researchers (HCR) in the cross-field
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Prof. Byong-Hun Jeon Sheds New Light on Biotransformations in Bioremediation

Seoul, South Korea – October 17, 2023 – In an illuminating Q&A session published in the prestigious journal Nature Chemical Biology, Prof. Byong-Hun Jeon discusses the innovative strides being made in the field of bioremediation.

The article, titled “Biotransformations for bioremediation,” appears in Volume 19 on pages 1287–1289 of the 2023 issue of the journal. It highlights the significant progress and the future potential of using biological processes to tackle environmental contamination.

Professor Byong-Hun Jeon’s expertise in the biodegradation of environmental contaminants has positioned him at the forefront of research into phytoremediation and phycoremediation. These methods use plants and algae, respectively, to not only contain but also transform pollutants into less harmful substances, harnessing nature’s mechanisms to clean up the environment.

During the Q&A, Professor Jeon elucidated the chemical biology underpinning these green technologies and the opportunities they present for a more sustainable approach to remediate polluted sites. His insights into the molecular processes that enable plants and algae to absorb, detoxify, and metabolize contaminants are paving the way for more effective and eco-friendly remediation strategies.

Nature Chemical Biology’s conversation with Professor Jeon is a testament to Hanyang University’s commitment to addressing critical environmental issues through cutting-edge research. The university is proud to support Professor Jeon’s work, which is not only advancing our understanding of bioremediation but also contributing to the development of viable solutions for a cleaner and healthier planet.

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